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Mañana 15 de Agosto, empiezan las competiciones europeas de clubes de Sófbol donde España estará representada por el CBS Rivas Oliva Técnica que disputará la Women’s European Premiere Cup en Bollate, Italia, y el CB Viladecans que será el organizador de la Women’s European Cup Winners Cup.   CBS RIVAS OLIVA TÉCNICA Después de haber […]

Business interaction goes in two directions. Upward communication, which moves information from your manager to his or her subordinates, is controlled. The flow of such communication is important for a organisation’s culture and employee diamond. Downward interaction is more liquid, and this varies when it comes to content and tone. The goal should be to […]

If you’re encountering a YouTube error 503, you’re not alone. The internet large is going through problems with the servers, therefore if you’re unable to watch YouTube videos, you might be awaiting a server repair. In some cases, you may resolve the error by simply power biking your gadget, router, or perhaps modem. Hang on […]