check deposit slip

Keep in mind that most banks have a limit to the amount of mobile deposits you can make each day. Check those limits to confirm that you’ll be able to complete your deposits. The key is to list each check individually so each check appears on its own line. There should be a space for you to enter the check number next to the dollar amount of each check, which helps you and your bank keep track of each item.

check deposit slip

In a case where a check is being deposited, information on where it is from must be provided. is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.


Other banks require that you put everything in an envelope and fill out a deposit slip, which a bank employee will use to record your deposit manually. The slip also breaks down whether the deposit is comprised of checks, cash, or if the depositor wants a specific amount of cash back from a check deposit. The bank clerk typically verifies the funds received for the deposit against the amounts deposit slip listed on the deposit slip to ensure they match. The teller processes the slip along with the items in the deposit and prints a receipt for the customer. As you write checks or make deposits, keep track of the amount of money remaining in your account. Your bank or financial institution will send you a monthly statement or list of the various withdrawals and deposits made on your account.

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Most banks provide pens for you to use, but you might want to bring your own just in case. Use the date of the deposit, not the date written on the check. Enter the date the item posted to your account, and the check number or amount, if desired. For example, if you made a withdrawal the machine will issue you cash. Insert your ATM, debit card, or credit card into a slot on the machine. Your bank may close your account, and other banks may be alerted. Your bank and the business you wrote the check to may each charge you a fee of about $25.

How to fill out a deposit slip

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  • But unlike mobile deposits that only require a smartphone camera lens to capture the check’s image, online check deposits require a scanner.
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  • If you’re depositing checks, write the check numbers on the blank lines below “Cash” and put the check amounts in their respective boxes.
  • Write the speed type and account number on the upper portion of the front of each check.

An automated teller machine is an electronic banking outlet for completing basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. Checks can be submitted in batches of 50 checks per batch.

Sign the Deposit Slip

Write the date of when you wish to use the slip in the space provided, next to Date. Write in the date and any branch information, if required. For example, if you’re a credit union memberusing a different credit union’s branch , you’ll need to write in the name of your “home” credit union. You can use a deposit slip to ensure your money is properly accounted for when you put it in the bank and it’s directed to the correct account. Write the speed type and account number on the upper portion of the front of each check. Do not write anywhere on the bottom of the check.

check deposit slip

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